These are the words of our God who says, I will reach along with my righteous right hand after that I will help you. This appellation comes up exactly three times all the rage the Old Testament. God was available to accomplish this, all they would need to do is chase the fleeing bands. These four things all in all constitute repentance, and Samuel promised delivery when there was true repentance. Although Samuel the prophet had called the people to repentance. Samuel knows the source of their strength, the animal protein slain. Most presidential candidates spend their entire careers, if not their lives from adolescence, preparing for the character. The grammatical construction reminds me of the grammatical construction in John 1:

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All the rage so doing, he spoke to the Israelites about the things that would bring revival. He fought the battles and provided the blessings. But, they were placing their confidence in the magic of the Ark, rather than the majesty of the Almighty who resided above the Ark. Even all the same God had brought them this a good deal it had not been without anti-climax. Samuel was a praying prophet, accordingly he did what they asked.

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We need to do like Miriam, after Pharaoh and his army were drowned in the Red Sea. We allow come here to Mizpah in absolute helplessness. The Philistines lost a allocation of their power. Had it not been for the Lord on your side, surely you would have perished! God continued to fight for Israel against her enemies. I believe so as to the Lord has laid one blank verse of Scripture, upon my mind, en route for share with you today. The Lord does not deliver as we capacity think He should. In so accomplishment, Israel was defeated; great slaughter ensued; thirty thousand Israeli solders were killed; the Ark of God was captured; and the priestly sons of Eli, Hophni and Phinehas, were killed.

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