Cons would be security is very accurate, so sometimes when i have guests come over, if I'm not adept to pick up the phone en route for confirm that they're my guests, they will get denied entry. It's the safest building I have lived all the rage But overall i think the pros outweigh the cons by a elongate shot. Now, I usually wait 30 secs for an elevator unless its rush hour times, which can aim min waits.

Escort Hurontario Hwy 407 410 For One Night

Jun 23, by Miroslaw on 50 Answer I bought a unit here all the rage - have been living here designed for almost 5 years now. Feb 9, by absolute mess on 50 Answer Absolute mess. Now, I usually delay 30 secs for an elevator but for its rush hour times, which be able to mean min waits. But overall i think the pros outweigh the cons by a long shot. If you go anywhere downtown or to erstwhile condos that are tall, you bidding experience all the same issues, but you dont want to wait designed for elevators or deal with parking before hear the occasional fire alarm, after that go live in a house before townhouse. There is no premium built into the price for living all the rage an iconic tower and amenities so as to include a lounge on the acme floor coupled with excellent condo administration by Brookfield. Oct 25, by Olivia on 50 Absolute Been living at this juncture for almost a year now, after that I think these condos are absolute. Feb 4, by Ryan on 50 Absolute I want to start of by saying i do not accept a condo in 50 or 60 absolute

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Secuirty is tight and absolutely better than any other buildings we checked absent in Mississauga However I do animate at 50 Absolute, and although it has it share of issues I have also lived or owned 4 other condo's in the Mississauga after that it's just standard issues that appear with any condo living. Jun 23, by Miroslaw on 50 Absolute I bought a unit here in - have been living here for about 5 years now. Go-transit buses are right across the street. Everything is always broken. Thinking of moving absent. I find that there is actual little traffic, even during rush hour traffic along hurontario and burhamthorpe is never that bad. If there was riff raft in these buildings, it's long gone

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